Tap Knight and the Dark Souls Official Page

Tap Knight and the Dark Souls Official Page

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Tap Knight and the Dark Souls is a sequel to the highly popular Tap Knight and the Dark Castle with more attractive features

Game info

Release Date: TBA
Platform: Android

==== STORY ====
… with its last breath, the Devil, from Tap Knight and the Dark Castle, shrieked and released dark souls into the air. Our hero, badly injured from the battle was unable to stop the dark souls from spreading. However, with the Devil defeated and banished, the world is brightened and once again free of evil… for now…

One hundred years has passed since the Devil was defeated. Peace reigns in the Kingdom of Alurian.

However, as the good times continue, evil creeps in surreptitiously. The dark souls, who have been starved for a hundred year, begins to descend into the world and consume the living with evil.

Fortunately, the foul stench of evil has not gone unnoticed. Selaphiel, the archangel who has accompanied our heroes in both Tales of Clicker Knights RPG and Tap Knight and the Dark Castle games, once again come to the rescue. Selaphiel quickly chooses a champion to lead the expedition. The expedition to, once more, exterminate the dark souls before they manage to awaken the Devil himself…


  • Promote your knights to 8 different classes
  • Upgrade and level up your knights
  • Equip your knights with more than 100 equipments
  • Unlimited adventure modes
  • Cast more than 10 spells to aid your adventure
  • Tons of other upgradables
  • Enhance your weapons with gems
  • Achievement Reward
  • Monster breeding (more details coming soon)
  • Daily Gifts (more details coming soon)
    … and more to be announced!

Announcement Trailer

Coming Soon!

Preview Artwork

App Icon – 512×512

Screenshots – 1920×1080


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